Getting an image of an Actual Kings And New York County Naturalizations

Subject: Re: Kings And New York County naturalizations
From: Susan Steeble
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 10:58:18 -0400

Jim Artt asked: "Does anyone have way to find electronic index to Kings county
naturalizations early 20th century without paying fee for access? For New York
County, I have index info for relative, can't find anything on procedures as who
to write to, any required fees, etc to obtain copy of citizenship papers. Just to
clarify, not talking about NARA naturalizations, but rather county court systems

It so happens that I recently wrote an article for the JGS of
Maryland's newsletter on exactly that topic!

The short answer is that, if your ancestor was naturalized in the Kings County
Supreme Court (and not in a federal circuit or district court), you need to obtain
the index information in one database and then look for the images in a different
database. For New York County Supreme Court, there are more options, but you can
follow the same procedure.

For Kings County, you can obtain the index info for your ancestor's Petition and
Declaration in the database of the Jewish Genealogical Society (NYC):
(Scroll down; the Petitions follow the Declarations.)
Then, once you have that information, you can find the
images at The images are indexed geographically by state and
county and then chronologically by year, so a record can be found only if the
volume and page numbers are known. A search by surname will not find them.
Direct link for Kings County:
(MODERATOR: The Declaration will usually have
multiple pages (consecutive), so be sure to check the pages before and after the
one you reach first.

As for the New York County naturalizations that took place in the county courts, I
believe you said you already have the index number (which could also be obtained
from,, or the
web site). Then, find the images on FamilySearch; the direct link for New York
County is:

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

After 1906, there were seven courts where a NYC naturalization could take place:
  1. Eastern District of New York Federal Court - for Kings (Brooklyn), Nassau, Queens, Richmond (Staten Island), and Suffolk Counties
  2. Southern District of New York Federal Court - for Manhattan and the Bronx; also: Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester Counties
  3. New York County Supreme Court
  4. Kings County Supreme Court
  5. Bronx County Supreme Court
  6. Queens County Supreme Court
  7. Richmond County Supreme Court

For other FHC Records:

Obtaining actual copies from the US Government: