Online Records and Indexes

  1. NYC Records Online

  2. FamilySearch Vital Records Search

  3. Plus a description of the collection of all Jewish records available on FamilySearch FamilySearchJewish.
  4. NYC Indexes of Birth/Marriage/Death/Naturalization

  5. 1908-1938 Index to 3-page NYC Marriage Application, Affidavit & License (not the 2-page marriage certificates)

  6. NYC marriage index of 3 million marriage licenses from 1950 to 1995

  7. New York State Genealogical Research Death Index: Beginning 1957

  8. LDS Microfilms On Extended Loan in NYC

  9. Kings and Manhattan Naturalization Images

  10. List of Registered Voters for New York City for 1924

  11. JewishData Website has index/pictures of many tombstones

  12. Search NYC Directories 1786 - 1923

  13. Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1897-1957. Microfilm Series T715. 8,892 rolls.

  14. ACRIS: Automated City Register Information System (NYC Property Search)

  15. Search Brooklyn Telephone Books 1909 - 1967

  16. Brooklyn�s Old Tax Photos are Now Available on the 1940s Street View Website

  17. One-Step Lookup Webpages by Stephen P. Morse

  18. Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1897-1957. Microfilm Set T715.

  19. Brooklyn's East Midwood Jewish Center Archives

  20. New Jersey District Court at Newark Naturalization Petitions

    Available are all petitions for the years 1914 to 1945. An index to these records is available on
  21. Library of Congress' Chronicling America: New York Newspapers Search

  22. Passaic County Naturalization Records Search

  23. Search the various databases of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (also known as the JDC, AJDC, and “The Joint”)

  24. Search over 35,875,000 Historical Newspaper Pages from the USA & Canada

  25. American Ancestors - by New England Historic Genealogical Society

  26. Jewish Genealogy Indexing and Research Collective

  27. FreeBMD offers Civil Registration indexes of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales

  28. Beit Hatfutsot: database containing thousands of genealogies of Jewish families from all over the world

  29. Israel State Archives

  30. Locate a Grave in Israel (by the Chevra Kadisha Forum)

  31. Canadian Research

  32. Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960

  33. Passenger Lists Leaving Italy

  34. Examples of Jewish Documents from Italian Archives

  35. Search for Dormant Assets at Swiss banks

  36. Slovakia & Environs: Genealogy Research Strategies

  37. Search the Polish Archives

    See a detailed explanation of how to search, by Michael Shade of Brighton, UK: here.
  38. Hungarian Society for Family History Research

  39. Satu Mare Records, including:

    1. Satu Mare Birth Registry

    2. Satu Mare Marriage Registry

    3. Satu Mare Cemeteries

    4. Satu Mare Memento

  40. Genealogy Indexer: Search historical directories, Yizkor books, military lists and school sources

  41. Routes to Roots lists what records still exist for communities in Eastern Europe and what repository holds them

  42. Sub-carpathia Record Search

  43. Hungarian Society for Family History Research (Magyar Családtörténet-kutató Egyesület)

  44. Maps of Europe in the 19th Century


  1. Steven Morse's Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page

  2. Tracing the Tribe - Jewish Genealogy on Facebook

  3. Jewish Rabbinic Genealogy - גנאולוגיה רבנית on Facebook

  4. Moreshes Chachmei America - Research and identification of rabbis and scholars in the early history of the United States and Canada

  5. Hebrew blog on Jewish genealogy, focusing on:
    • Rabbinic families over generations
    • Jewish families from Eastern Europe
    • Old Yishuv in Israel
    • Mysteries and discoveries in the study of roots

  6. Alei Zikoroin - עלי זכרון

Source Citation

  1. Getting Started Right: Documentation for New Genealogists

  2. Evidence Explained

  3. Genealogists' Guide to Documentation and Citing Sources by Emily Anne Croom

  4. Citations: A Guide to Creating Proper Source Citations by St. Louis Genealogical Society

  5. Citation Machine

Holocaust Research

  1. Yad Vashem

  2. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database

  3. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collections Search

  4. International Tracing Service of Bad Arolsen, Germany

  5. Shoah Connect - Reconnecting Families Separated by the Shoah

  6. USHMM and Ancestry collaboration to index the names of individuals that were persecuted by the Nazis

  7. Interviews, in Yiddish, of survivors

Online Encyclopedias

  1. Meorei Galicia

  2. Codex Judaica


  1. Hebrew Abbreviations - קיצורים וראשי תיבות בעברית

  2. The Soundex Coding System


  1. Searchable NY Metro Cemeteries Online

  2. Maps of NY Metro Cemeteries

  3. JOWBR Cemetery Inventory

    - be sure to drill down and read the detail, as sometimes there are links to extranal websites with images (Debrecen, Hungary is as example)
  4. Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

  5. The Bagnowka Project - Jewish cemeteries in Poland

  6. Kevarim of Tzadikim in North America

  7. Tombstones of Tzadikim throughout the Diaspora

  8. Tombstones of Tzadikim

  9. Mount of Olives in Ancient Jerusalem

  10. Satu Mare Cemeteries

  11. Jewish Cemetery in Ste. Sophie, QC
    Go to iVelt to see pictures of all the tombstones
  12. Yiddish World - (huge source of information)

  13. Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC), also known as Avoyseinu, restores cemeteries in Eastern Europe

  14. Mitzvat Emet- Taking care of Jewish Burial Places in Eastern Europe


  1. Google Translate

  2. Yandex Translate for languages such as Arabic, Greek, or Russian


  1. A Guide to Former Street Names in Manhattan

  2. JewishGen Communities Database

  3. JewishGen Gazetteer

  4. Yiddishland: Countries, Cities, Towns, Rivers

  5. The Genealogical Gazetteer (GOV) is a project of Verein für Computergenealogie

  6. The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames


  1. The Accidental Genealogist

  2. Ancestral Discoveries

  3. Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More

  4. Climbing My Family Tree

  5. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

  6. (going) The Extra Yad

  7. Family History Tech: Leveraging Technology for Genealogy

  8. Genealogy At Heart

  9. Genealogy Just Ask

  10. Geneaolgy Tools: Genealogy Software Tutorials for Mac & PC

  11. Genea-Musings features genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news items and commentary, genealogy humor, etc.

  12. The Ginger Jewish Genealogist

  13. The In-Depth Genealogist

  14. Lara's Jewnealogy

  15. Louis Kessler's Behold Blog

  16. Yaron Pedhazur of מדור לדור Mi-Dor le-Dor / Generatree

  17. National Genealogical Society Family History Conference Blog

  18. Notes from a Family Tree Maker user

  19. P. Y. Mund's Genealogy Blog

  20. Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

  21. Binyamin Panteliat of תולדות ושורשים Toladot ve-Shorashim blog

  22. UpFront with NGS - The Blog For The National Genealogical Society

  23. זכור ימות עולם - Zechor Yamos Olam

  24. על הצדיקים ועל החסידים - Al HaTzadikim v'Al HaChassidim


  1. Board for Certification of Genealogists List of Educational Activities

  2. BYU Channel: Past Webinars

  3. JewishGen Learning Center

  4. Legacy Family Tree Webinars — View them live or in the webinar library

  5. Genealogy Conference Keeper

  6. Genealogy Event Calendar

  7. GeneaWebinars

  8. Webinar Calendar by Linda Debe

  9. National Institute for Genealogical Studies

  10. Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research

  11. Webinars hosted by BCG — View them live or in the webinar library

  12. On-line Courses (over 1500) that can be used to build and market the Jewish Genealogical Community

  13. On-line Courses (over 700) that can be used to build and market the Jewish Genealogical Community

National Societies Offering Recognized Periodicals

  1. Avotaynu - always has something related to the IAJGS

  2. The American Genealogist

  3. National Genealogical Society

  4. New England Historic Genealogical Society

  5. New York Genealogical & Biographical Society


  1. Beginners Guide To Genetic Genealogy (19 Lessons)

  2. Facebook: Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques

  3. Your DNA Guide

  4. DNAeXplained: Genetic Genealogy by Roberta Estes

  5. Kitty Cooper's Blog

  6. Dana Leeds: The Leeds Method

  7. The Genetic Genealogist by Blaine Bettinger